Decoder Media

Decoder Media is a full service production company that works with agencies and brands to produce content for television, film, digital, and on-site platforms.

We take a cinematic approach to real life. We’re inspired by the energy of the world and the stories, characters and brands that bring heart, heat, and spirit to our lives. We develop, create, and produce content for all media spaces, in whatever medium best fits the story.

Decoder Media listens, with a finely-tuned ear, to the stories that bring brands to life. We keep our ear to the ground and a finger on the pulse of culture.

Our Mission

Decoder Media seeks to discover, translate, and give voice to the unique narratives of the world we live in.

In our work, we aim to humanize brands and expose common connection, all while distinguishing unique services and personalities.

We make it a priority to collaborate with clients in an environment of evolution and excitement.

We keep our content fresh and our roster of clients diverse, we work to forge new connections through existing relationships and to strengthen current connections with dynamic and engaging projects.

We listen for the truth in every story, and we seize every adventure that brings that truth to light.

We strive, above all, to create great content informed by passion and powered by hard work.


Brands and

the Collective


We believe that stories are our common element – the underlying current of community, hidden in plain sight. We listen close, we speak human, and we see beneath the surface. The media we produce is our homage to the narratives that unite us.